Design your own Custom Tarp...
We now offer instant price quotes on Vinyl Mesh Tarps All our tarps are Made in America, in our Sealy / Houston Texas facility.
Use our online quote form to design your tarp, select the features you want from the drop down menus.
Standard features include:
Up to 60 feet long  by 25 feet wide * in 1 inch increments, choice of grommet size: #2 (3/8 inch hole) or #4 (1/2 inch hole), also choice of grommet color: Brass (gold), Nickel plated Brass (Silver) or Black Anodized Brass Grommets (Dull black in color)
Customizable Features also include Grommet Spacing we offer the following Grommet spacings as standard selections: 6'', 8'', 10'', 12'', 18'', 24'', 36'' as well as the option for No Grommets in your tarp.
Additionally, you can select the seam joining method: Welded or Sewn for extra strength

All Vinyl Mesh Tarps come standard with folded hems, reinforced with 1.5'' polypropylene webbing that has an 800 lb. tensile strength; something definately not found in cheap 'off the shelf' tarps made in China and sold in 'Big Box' home improvement stores.

* Tarps larger than 60 ft. X 25 ft, or tarps with unusual, non square or non rectangular shapes; are also able to be produced, but require a formal price quote with a drawing or diagram submitted by the customer. Additional lead time, may also be required for tarps larger than 60 X 25; as your tarp may need to be assembled outdoors; which would be dependent on favorable weather conditons.